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Fried Egg Jellyfish Are Kind of Adorable – & That’s No Yolk.

Fried Egg Jellyfish Are Kind of Adorable - & That's No Yolk.

Phacellophora camtschatica Cotylorhiza tuberculata Habitat: Phacellophora – cool waters around the world Cotylorhiza – warm waters; Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas Status: No conservation concerns…

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Alien Butt Spider Conquers Earth, Lives in Silk Leaf Huts

Alien Butt Spider Conquers Earth, Lives in Silk Leaf Huts

Habitat: Australia Status: Not Listed This out-of-this-world spider actually lives down under on the continent of Australia. It’s a Green Orbweaver that goes by the…

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Meet the Fancy Pigeons That Rock Parkas: Jacobin Pigeons

Little Leaf Sheep Nudibranch Grazes Adorably Underwater

Three Cheers for the Pom Pom Crab!

pom pom crab, Lybia edmondsoni (1)

Habitat: Hawaii Status: Not Evaluated The Hawaiian Pom Pom Crab (Lybia edmondsoni), otherwise known as the Boxer Crab which is really boring, is the cheerleader of…

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Bizarre Baby Bird Mimics a Toxic Caterpillar To Escape Predation

Laniocera hypopyrra, bird mimic caterpillar (4)

Habitat: Amazonian forests Status: Least Concern Cinereous mourner (Laniocera hypopyrra) chicks are taught from a very young age, like, birth, one very important saying. It’s…

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11 Mind-blowing Aquascapes That Will Enchant Your Socks Off

Baby Bat Burritos are Deliciously Cute

Minature Melo: a Snail Made of Starlight

miniature melo, Micromelo undata, sea slug (4)

Habitat: Indo-West Pacific and tropical Atlantic waters Status: No conservation concerns So this isn’t exactly a nudibranch… it’s more like its close cousin. This is…

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Spun Glass Caterpillar: A Real Life Crystal Creature

spun glass caterpillar, Isochaetes beutenmuelleri (3)

 Habitat: found from New York to Florida and west to Colorado and Texas Status: No Conservation Concerns No, this isn’t a Swarovski crystal creation, but…

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