7 Bizarre Breeds of Guinea Pigs

7 Bizarre Breeds of Guinea Pigs

You can’t help but love guinea pigs! With their sweet little eyes and soft squeaking sounds of joy you simply want to give them kisses all day long. But what about these rather odd breeds? Do they deserve never ending kisses too??


Skinny Pig
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The Skinny Pig is an almost hairless breed of Guinea pig. Skinny Pigs typically have hair on their muzzles, feet and legs, but are hairless over the rest of their body. They were the result of a mutation and were commonly used in laboratory experiments. However, now they are a popular “designer” breed of guinea pig.
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
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The Abyssinian guinea pig, a popular breed, has a coat made up of rosettes. Rosettes appear on each shoulder, over the back, on each hip and across the guinea pig’s rear. The 1.5 inch thick coat is coarse and dense.

Werewolf Skinny Pig
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A werewolf skinny is a skinny pig that is born with fur drifted all over it’s body. Occasionally, as a werewolf skinny grows, the fur will fall out but that is never guaranteed. A werewolf skinny’s fur is very fine, and is sometimes grouped so close together that it looks like a skinny pig, is a furry pig until you look closely! The only place the a werewolf skinny will not get fur on, is it’s belly!
Teddy Guinea Pig
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The Teddy guinea pig breed is the result of a mutation, this popular breed has a coat that is thick and kinky.
Texel Guinea Pig
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The Texel, a newer guinea pig breed, has a coat made up of curls throughout the body. The coat is long and soft, and the body short and compact.

White-crested Guinea Pig
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The White Crested guinea pig breed has a single white rosette on top of the head. A somewhat rare breed, no other white can be found in the coat of show quality White Cresteds.

Peruvian Satin Guinea Pig

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Once called the Angora, the Peruvian guinea pig breed has a coat several inches long that drags on the ground. The soft, dense hair grows from a center part down the guinea pig’s back. The hair requires daily grooming.

facts via: Bailee’s Beauties and Small Animal Channel