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Darwin’s Frog: Incredible Parenting Skills and Still Going Extinct

Darwins Frog, darwin's frog, (10)

Habitat: native to the forest streams of Chile and Argentina Status: Vulnerable – possibly extinct? Charles Darwin was lucky enough to discover this incredible frog…

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Alright, Here’s the Aquatic Scrotum Frog: a Name and a Face You Won’t Soon Forget!

No Neck, No Problem for the Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog!

Hemisus marmoratus, mottled shovel-nosed frog, Marbled snout-burrower (3)

Habitat: widespread in the savannah zone of sub-Saharan Africa Status: Least Concern LOOK AT THIS PLEASANTLY PLUMP FROG!! Is it not the cutest amphib you’ve…

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The Salamander with a Fu Manchu and a Chameleon-like Kung Fu Grip

Blue Ridge two-lined salamander, Eurycea wilderae (1)

  Habitat: found in the southern Appalachian Mountains, mostly south of Virginia Status: Least Concern It’s note every day that you come across a salamander…

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The Purple Frog’s Got Personal Problems

The Purple Frog's Got Personal Problems

image credit: arkive.org image credit: edwindwianto.wordpress.com image credit: kalyan.livejournal.com image credit: kalyan.livejournal.com image credit: 2pat.wordpress.com Habitat: Western Ghats in India Status: Endangered This bizarre-o creature…

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Newly Described Tiger’s Treefrog Is Striped and Stunning

A Dozen New Species of Overly Happy Frogs Discovered in India

The Southern Banded Newt Looks Just Like a Real-Life Water Dragon!

Watch Out, This Ghost Glass Frog’s Got the Crazy Eyes!!

Watch Out, This Ghost Glass Frog's Got the Crazy Eyes!!

 © Brad Wilson, DVM © Edwin Giesbers  © Alex Shepack © Robin “Evil Bob” A © ED’s_Fly_Meat_Inc © Ron Holt Habitat: Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,…

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The Bright Yellow Cobra Bobo is One Strange Amphibian