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Meet the Fancy Pigeons That Rock Parkas: Jacobin Pigeons

Bizarre Baby Bird Mimics a Toxic Caterpillar To Escape Predation

Laniocera hypopyrra, bird mimic caterpillar (4)

Habitat: Amazonian forests Status: Least Concern Cinereous mourner (Laniocera hypopyrra) chicks are taught from a very young age, like, birth, one very important saying. It’s…

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The Ocellated Turkey Puts the ‘Trip’ in Tryptophan

The Ocellated Turkey Puts the 'Trip' in Tryptophan

Habitat: Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico Status: Near Threatened Do not be alarmed. You have not overdosed on some psychedelic substance lurking in your sweet potatoes this…

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I Can’t Decide if These Baby Barn Owls are Cute or Insanely Terrifying…

Bald Cockatoo Finds Joy in Singing/Dancing After Owner Dies

Video: Screech Owl Being a Chatterbox

screech owl (2)


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American Bittern: the “Plumper Lunking,” Camouflaging, Weirdo Bird

american bittern chick

There are some animals that can easily scare the daylights out of you. The Predatory Hawaiian Caterpillar, being one, for example. But, there are also…

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Show the Scarlet Ibis Some Love on Valentine’s Day!

Scarlet Ibis, Endocimus ruber (2)

Habitat: South America and islands of the Caribbean Status: Least Concern I can’t think of a better creature to write about for Valentine’s Day than…

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Extremely Rare, Thought to be Extinct Tooth-billed Pigeon Spotted After 10 years

Didunculus strigirostris, tooth-billed pigeon (2)

Breaking news out of the Samoan island of Savai’i (map for those unfamiliar, like myself): for the first time in 10 years, the little-known and…

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Red-tailed Tropicbirds Walk Like Weirdos But Do Make Cute Babies!

red-tailed tropicbird chick, Phaethon aethereus (1)

Habitat: widespread seabird found across the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It breeds on remote tropical islands in the southern Indian Ocean…

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