Deep Sea Siphonophore: a Creature Made of Creatures

deep sea siphonophore

Habitat: Deep sea pelagic zone Status: Not Evaluated What lives in the darkness under the sea… a co-lo-ny of zooids! (that was sung in the Spongebob theme…

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Forgot About National Dog Day? 5 Dog Toys To Say You’re Sorry

national dog day, dog toys, unique (10)

It was an honest mistake. You had no idea that August 26th was National Dog Day (apparently the rest of the world did, but somehow…

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Doggy Day Care Hosts Epic Dog Pool PAWTY!

dog pool party, dog pool pawty, lucky puppy (12)

If this doesn’t look like the most epic pool party (or should I say pawty) in the history of pool parties then I really don’t know…

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New Species of Golden Bat? Yeah, I’m Down With That!

golden bat, Myotis midastactus, new species (1)

All that glitters isn’t gold –  but it is in fact, bat, apparently. Meet the newly reclassified King Midas bat (Myotis midastactus) aptly named for its…

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Fiddler On the Beach: Thousands of Fiddler Crabs!

Atlantic sand fiddler crab, Uca pugilator (6)

  Habitat: from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico Status: No Conservation Concerns You know what I really love about nature, and animals more specifically? Is that…

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Pig the Dog: the Pooch that looks Photoshopped!

pig the dog, Kim Dillenbeck (3)

World, meet Pig. Pig isn’t actually a pig, of course, she’s a dog; albeit an unusual looking one. The 8-month old mutt has scrawny legs,…

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Gaudy Clown Crab: the Crustacean That’s Simply Faaabulous!

gaudy clown crab, Platypodiella spectabilis (3)

 Habitat: throughout the Caribbean Status: Not Listed This is the Gaudy Clown Crab (Platypodiella spectabilis). It’s one of the most fashionable crustaceans in the ocean, in my…

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Multiple Mouths and Purple, Oh My! New Species of Purple Jellyfish Found!

new species, purple jellyfish (3)

Early this Wednesday morning, beachgoers at Coolum Beach, Queensland were lucky enough to spot a potentially new species of purple jellyfish that scientists believe may…

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They See Me Rollin': New Cartwheeling Flic-flac Spider Discovered

flic-flac spider, Cebrennus rechenbergi (3)

What’s that bouncing along the horizon? It’s not a tumbleweed, that’s for sure. It’s a newly discovered Moroccan Flic-flac Spider (Cebrennus rechenbergi). I have to say,…

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Nudi Bits: Spanish Shawl Nudibranch!

Nudi Bits: Spanish Shawl Nudibranch!

Join me on my hunt for a Spanish Shawl nudibranch!

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