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Three Cheers for the Pom Pom Crab!

pom pom crab, Lybia edmondsoni (1)

Habitat: Hawaii Status: Not Evaluated The Hawaiian Pom Pom Crab (Lybia edmondsoni), otherwise known as the Boxer Crab which is really boring, is the cheerleader of…

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Gaudy Clown Crab: the Crustacean That’s Simply Faaabulous!

gaudy clown crab, Platypodiella spectabilis (3)

 Habitat: throughout the Caribbean Status: Not Listed This is the Gaudy Clown Crab (Platypodiella spectabilis). It’s one of the most fashionable crustaceans in the ocean, in my…

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Sea Sapphire: the Most Beautiful Animal You’ve Never Heard Of

sea sapphire, Sapphirina copepod (1)

 Habitat: oceans worldwide (?) Status: Not Listed Sometimes I happen across creatures that quite literally take my breath away. This happens to be one of…

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Don’t Mess With the Anemone Wielding Teddy Bear Crab

Polydectus cupulifer, teddy bear crab, anemone crab (5)

Habitat: French Polynesian Exclusive Economic Zone, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte Exclusive Economic Zone, Red Sea Status: Not Listed This fuzzy underwater friend is a species of…

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Meet the Shame-faced Crab: So Ashamed, It Puts ITSELF in Time Out

Calappa calappa, shame-faced crab (3)

Habitat: Mombasa, Seychelles, Aldabra Island, Madagascar, Mauritius, Andamans, Japan, Taiwan, Borocay, Palau, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Shark Bay, Abrolhos Islands, New Caledonia, Hawaiian Islands, Marquesas,…

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Meet Blinky, the Three-eyed Crab That’s Actually Two Crabs In One

conjoined crab, blinky, Amarinus lacustris (1)

Meet Blinky. He’s a species of tiny freshwater crab named after the mutant, three-eyed fish in the Simpsons. However, the Blinky fish was a product…

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The Malagasy Freshwater Crab Looks Straight Out of Barbie’s Mansion

Newly Discovered ‘Little Green Shrimp’ Is the Cutest, Tiniest Ocean Dweller

Raspberry Crabs are Berry Cute Crustaceans!

The Hairy Crab is the ‘Teddy Bear’ of the Crab World. Cute!