Just Your Average Snail… OR IS IT?!

Just Your Average Snail... OR IS IT?!

Habitat: French Guiana Status: Not Listed This species of snail, Cyclopedus anselini, was only discovered a couple of years ago in 2012 during an expedition in…

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Taonius borealis: Bizarre Deep-sea Squid with Snooki Hair and Giant WALL-E eyes!

photo: 2011 MBARI

Habitat: temperate and boreal North Pacific Status: Not Evaluated God I love deep-sea creatures. This cartoony-looking squid is Taonius borealis. It kind of looks like…

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Bizarre “Melting Snails” Are Sliming Up South America

photo: Valentín Mogollón

Habitat: M. capillaceus – Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil M. maximus – Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil Status: Not Listed These bizarre “melting snails” are members of…

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So the Hairy Trumpet Snail Is the Mollusk Version of Pinhead

left: aqa.ru right: Doug Bradley as Pinhead in 1987′s Hellraiser

Habitat: Philippines Status: Not Listed It’s not every day that you come across a snail that can strike fear into your heart. Well, at least…

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Carpathian Blue Slugs Prove Blue Slugs are the Best Slugs

Pāua Abalone: the Spectacular Mollusc Revered by the Māori of New Zealand

Breaking: New Species of Bizarre Blood Red Slug Discovered!


This Orange Elephant Snail Is the Cutest Mollusk You Will See All Day… Or Ever.

This Orange Elephant Snail Is the Cutest Mollusk You Will See All Day... Or Ever.

photo via: aquabid.com photo via: gtaaquaria.com Habitat: Lake Poso in Sulawesi, Indonesia Status: Not listed Feast your eyes on the cutest snail that has possibly ever…

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Set Sail with the Violet Sea Snail!

Set Sail with the Violet Sea Snail!

 © Denis Riek  via: frozenly.com © Denis Riek © DespinaTsafetopoulou Habitat: Warm ocean waters worldwide Status: No Conservation Concerns Get a load of this ingenuity…

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