Pig the Dog: the Pooch that looks Photoshopped!

Photo: Joey Kennedy/AL.com

World, meet Pig. Pig isn’t actually a pig, of course, she’s a dog; albeit an unusual looking one. The 8-month old mutt has scrawny legs,…

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Extremely Rare, Thought to be Extinct Tooth-billed Pigeon Spotted After 10 years

photo: wildlifeextra.com

Breaking news out of the Samoan island of Savai’i (map for those unfamiliar, like myself): for the first time in 10 years, the little-known and…

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Olinguito, New Mammal Species With a Teddy Bear Face and Cat-like Body… Found!

The Elephant Whisperer: the Story of Lawrence Anthony and the Elephants Who Never Forgot

Rescue Kitten, Wasabi-Chan, Taking the Internet by Storm… in a Mushroom Costume

Animal Shelter Perplexed by Giant Mystery Dog; Looks Just Like GoT Direwolf!

Stray Dogs of Moscow Have Learned to Take the Subway. Photos & Story are Incredible!

Peru Dazzles with New Species of Woodlizard

New Species of Tree-dwelling Porcupine Found; Already Highly Endangered

New Species of See-through “rainbow” Fish Discovered in the Amazon