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Sir Chompsalot, the Koala, revived using CPR after being hit by car

Sir Chompsalot, the Koala, revived using CPR after being hit by car

Firefighters and wildlife workers have revived an injured koala with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after it was hit by a car and later fell from a tree…

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Pig the Dog: the Pooch that looks Photoshopped!

pig the dog, Kim Dillenbeck (3)

World, meet Pig. Pig isn’t actually a pig, of course, she’s a dog; albeit an unusual looking one. The 8-month old mutt has scrawny legs,…

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Extremely Rare, Thought to be Extinct Tooth-billed Pigeon Spotted After 10 years

Didunculus strigirostris, tooth-billed pigeon (2)

Breaking news out of the Samoan island of Savai’i (map for those unfamiliar, like myself): for the first time in 10 years, the little-known and…

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Olinguito, New Mammal Species With a Teddy Bear Face and Cat-like Body… Found!

The Elephant Whisperer: the Story of Lawrence Anthony and the Elephants Who Never Forgot

Rescue Kitten, Wasabi-Chan, Taking the Internet by Storm… in a Mushroom Costume

Animal Shelter Perplexed by Giant Mystery Dog; Looks Just Like GoT Direwolf!

Stray Dogs of Moscow Have Learned to Take the Subway. Photos & Story are Incredible!

Peru Dazzles with New Species of Woodlizard

New Species of Tree-dwelling Porcupine Found; Already Highly Endangered