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OMG! “Mini-Meleon” Discovered Just In Time To Be My Valentine

brookesia micra

Habitat: north Madagascar Status: Not Evaluated This is truly the teeniest, tiniest chameleon I’ve ever seen – along with the rest of the world! This newly…

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First (Ever?) Video Footage of Rediscovered Moss Mantis Species

moss mantis, Pogonogaster tristani (5)

Habitat:  Costa Rica Status: Not Evaluated Back in 2012, photographer Oscar Blanco was lucky enough to spot this minute praying mantis that mimicked its mossy environment…

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The Purple Frog’s Got Personal Problems

The Purple Frog's Got Personal Problems

image credit: arkive.org image credit: edwindwianto.wordpress.com image credit: kalyan.livejournal.com image credit: kalyan.livejournal.com image credit: 2pat.wordpress.com Habitat: Western Ghats in India Status: Endangered This bizarre-o creature…

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Extremely Rare Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur Discovered in Remote Madagascan Forests

Only 55 Adult Maui’s Dolphins Remain In the World, Help MAJORLY Needed!

Breaking: New Species of Bizarre Blood Red Slug Discovered!

Newly Discovered ‘Little Green Shrimp’ Is the Cutest, Tiniest Ocean Dweller

Bontebok are Incredibly Handsome ‘Extinct in the Wild’ Creatures

The Extremely Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle Is A Major Treat For The Eyes

When the Blue-billed Curassow Displays, He Brings the Bass Down Low