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Bald Cockatoo Finds Joy in Singing/Dancing After Owner Dies

Elephant Nose Fish: You Know I’m All About That Trunk (No Treble)

Darwin’s Frog: Incredible Parenting Skills and Still Going Extinct

Darwins Frog, darwin's frog, (10)

Habitat: native to the forest streams of Chile and Argentina Status: Vulnerable – possibly extinct? Charles Darwin was lucky enough to discover this incredible frog…

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Galathea pilosa: Most Beautiful Squat Lobster In the World?

Galathe apilosa, squat lobster

Habitat: French Polynesia Status: Not Evaluated Normally when you think of a lobster, a big red crustacean comes to mind (at least for me). I’d…

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What to Know If You Are Thinking of Getting a Wolfdog

wolfdogs as pets (4)

*Guest post by Nicola Reynor Wolves are etched in our imagination in truly fantastic and romantic colors. They play a prominent part in the fairytales…

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Giant Red Leech Slurping Worm like Spaghetti Filmed For the First Time

giant red leech, borneo (1)

For the first time, a giant red leech, almost 20 inches in length, has been filmed slurping down a blue earthworm like a piece of…

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Video: Koala Sounds Make Koala Fights Sound Silly

Deep Sea Siphonophore: a Creature Made of Creatures

deep sea siphonophore

Habitat: Deep sea pelagic zone Status: Not Evaluated What lives in the darkness under the sea… a co-lo-ny of zooids! (that was sung in the Spongebob theme…

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Baby Elephant Goes Wild Over Ribbon

baby elephant ribbon gif

This baby elephant playing with a simple blue ribbon reminds me of the feeling I felt when I used to marvel at bubbles or squeal…

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Mysterious New Deep-sea ‘Mushroom’ Creature Discovered

Dendrogramma enigmaticaI, deep sea mushroom, new species

Scientists confirm: the deep sea is on mushrooms. Or, at least, something like that. Seriously though, this is very strange and incredibly fascinating: A handful…

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